The Christian Community Orchestra


Tonight, I’ll be performing with the Christian Community Orchestra in Douglasville, GA.  This is a really great group of people led by Jan Booth.  Ms. Booth founded this orchestra over 20 years ago and it continues to grow today.

The orchestra attracts beginners and pros alike and in addition to performing twice a year, the group provides fellowship and faith-based interaction among about 50 people in northwest Georgia.  There is a Christmas concert at the beginning of December and a spring pops concert each May.  Tonight’s concert features some really fun music.  There will be a jug band.  Yes, you read that correctly, a jug band.  Also, there will be a few soloists; a very talented flutist, a young harpist, a strong pianist, and your humble blog author on violin.

There will be two fun pieces by Leroy Anderson (of Sleigh Ride fame).  Fiddle Faddle which will feature myself on violin, and later in the program, The Typewriter.  Yes, the Typewriter.

This group may not be the most polished ensemble in northwest Georgia, but we are a fun and welcoming ensemble that works very hard all year to provide some entertainment in the Atlanta suburbs.  There is a reception with finger food and soft drinks after each concert and before each concert, the members of the orchestra are available to answer questions and otherwise mingle with the audience.  Concerts are free and no donations are accepted.  Musicians who play in the orchestra are asked to contribute $20 per season but are never turned away if they can’t pay.  Also, there are no sales of CDs, t-shirts, or other paraphernalia at any performance.  We do this because we love to do it, and to further the sense of community in Douglasville.

For more information, or if you are interested in joining, please check out the orchestra here, or contact me by email following the link at the bottom of the page or at Facebook or Twitter.

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