Busy Summer Gig PhotoI have had quite a busy summer so far.  Way more busy than I had anticipated.

The Summer Schedule

May had lots and lots of performing.  I had gigs and performances all through May and the first two weeks of June.  Then June brought with it traveling.  My father (who turned 78 last week) is moving from Florida to Minnesota.  I know, that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, but our family is all from the upper Midwest, and my father really doesn’t mind the cold.  My mom passed two years ago, so he doesn’t need to live in a big house (that he doesn’t need) on a golf course (he doesn’t play anymore) all by himself.  Plus, my brother lives up there so Dad will be close to family.

I went to Florida twice to help him get things organized and ready for the move.  He has finally sold his house so he’ll be driving here to Atlanta and staying for about a week until my brother comes from MN to get him and drive him back north.

I also went to Jacksonville (also in Florida, duh) with Kelly and the boys (well, the boys were already there) for July 4th.  Needless to say, I haven’t been home very much, and what time I have been here has been packed full of entertaining the children who aren’t in school.  We went fishing.  We went bowling.  There were arts and crafts.  We took naps – well I did anyways.  I even squeezed in some well-needed practicing.  I have some auditions coming up and my violin skills are in need of serious overhaul.

The Big News

As you may or may not know, I am recently married (last August) and I have two awesome step-sons.  They are 7 and 9.  Well, next February, I’ll have a little girl or boy of my own.  My wife, Kelly, sent me a text the day after Father’s Day that woke me up and told me the news.  I was pretty groggy, but still pretty excited.  I was in Florida, you know, busy summer and all.

This was done on purpose in case you were wondering.  Before and after the wedding, we talked at length about having a child of our own and honestly, we went back and forth a few times.  There are cons; I’m too old, she’s too old, money, etc.  But what we kept coming back to was; I didn’t want to regret it later if we decided not to do it.

Now, we would like a girl.  I am hesitant to write that because I don’t want my son reading it ten years from now and freaking out.  Either way, I’ll be happy, but a girl would be an excellent change of pace for everyone.  Unfortunately, given our family histories, it’s not bloody likely.

Dad has a brother and two boys (I have a brother).  My wife had a brother (sadly, he passed right after my mom, stupid cancer).  Her father has two brothers.  My brother has two boys.  You see where this is going.  No women anywhere.  Interestingly, the chances of having twins is increased because of my wife’s age and having two children already.  That would be something.  Yikes.  I told everyone that if we have twins, we’ll raise them like the Olsen twins on Full House; just one at a time with the other one off stage somewhere.

Podcast Future

I haven’t been able to record any new podcasts lately.  The laptop that I use to record has died.  I would use my desktop PC which is a really good computer, but there is no privacy and there are always kids and a dog running around.  Suffice to say, I will get back to the podcast soon, just not until next month probably.  I have some interviews lined up that will be fun and informative, so watch for that in a few weeks.

Lastly, the kids head back to school in a couple of weeks.  That will allow me to practice more, write more, and “get back to work”, so to speak.  My wife and I celebrate our 1st anniversary next week, and then Dad comes to visit.  We are having dinner at the same steakhouse where we ate when I proposed last February.  Should be fun.  And yummy!



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