After celebrating America’s 241st birthday on Tuesday, I decided to update and redesign my site for better navigation and more focus on my blog content. I hope you enjoy it, especially since it took several hours to complete. 🙂

homer site constructionNew Site Layout

I use WordPress as content management for this site, and I spent many hours over several days getting everything up and running a little over a year ago.  The theme I chose was excellent and very unlike some of the cookie cutter blog themes that are out there.  I liked it very much.  Unfortunately, over the last year+, I’ve been looking for something a little more bloggy and a little easier to navigate.  Hence the new look.  It does have a sidebar and a normal blog theme look, but I like the header and content/image boxes below it.  The old theme looked great, but a visitor might never know there was blog content.  The new layout fixes that.

Random Thoughts for the SummerViolin wants more gigs

Summer is generally a low time for freelance musicians.  I perform with no less than three orchestras regularly, but those seasons run from September through May.  Normally in May and June there are some weddings, and them some more in August-October, but that is about it.  Many performers coach at different music camps around, but in Atlanta, there are way more musicians than camps for them to work for.

The hiatus in the summer allows me to do a few things that I can’t during the performing season.  The first is practice.  There are a few auditions happening in August and September and I’m thinking about doing at least one of them.  When I’m not knee-deep in watching the boys, I can practice a lot more frequently and longer in the summer.  I also get a lot of composing and arranging done in the summer.  On average, a string quartet arrangement of a popular song or short classical piece takes me about 5-6 hours to complete.  During the summer, I can get one of these done each day if I’m not doing anything else.

Of course, I also have time to update and redesign my site, which I’ve already done.  And let’s not forget spending time with my family, taking the boys fishing, and working on the house.  All important tasks to do in the summer.

Final Thoughts

So, along with some down time, I’m hoping to write a little more for the site.  I’ve been only publishing a couple/three times each month which is a little less than I would like.  Look for a few more posts this month and in August (although, I’m traveling in August so maybe not).  Hope you like the new layout.  See you soon!




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