Famous Composers and Their Habits
Herr Ludwig van Beethoven

Sometimes listeners have trouble identifying music they hear, and they try to at least guess the composer.  Sometimes it’s easy (like Haydn vs. Bartok), but sometimes it’s very difficult (Mozart vs. Haydn).  We all have our favorite composers that we can always identify, but no matter  who you are, there’s bound to be a work […]

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Spring Updates – Some Big News
homer site construction

Greetings again, intrepid readers.  It’s been entirely too long since I posted anything here, and for that I apologize.  Spring is normally a very busy season for us freelance musician types, and this year was even more packed for me.  I have some preliminary plans in place for some new and exciting content which will […]

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Oh No! I Bought a Chinese Violin!
il cannone

Buying a violin is a big deal.  Even if you are buying a spare (like I just did), you need to shop around and not only get the best deal ($$), but the best value.  Value is defined as the amount of quality at a given price.  We want better quality, but can we also […]

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