5 Easy Tips for Better Violin Care

It's one thing to learn how to play the violin.  You go to lessons then go home and practice.  Unfortunately, some teachers don't teach how to care for your violin.  Like any other tool you own, the violin needs regular care (I was going to name this post 'The Care…


Myths of Classical Music Debunked (Mostly)

For those of us who make our living performing classical music, loving it is a no-brainer.  Explaining it to the uninitiated is another matter completely.  It has become increasingly more difficult for the general population to take the plunge and listen to classical music.  Personally, I think it's because of…


5 Music Collections Every Advanced Student Needs

As a violin student goes from cute-for-playing-for-neighbors-and-relatives to serious advanced student, the music he or she needs increases.  Below, I give you the five absolutely essential sheet music collections that every serious violin student needs.  There are no elite violinists in the world that haven't studied these works or learned…

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