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Parents and Violin Lessons – How to Help

No matter what method is being taught to a child, the parents still play a key role in that child’s success.  As a teacher, I teach Suzuki method with my youngest and beginning students.  I stress the parents’ role from the beginning.  One or both parents must be involved in a child’s musical development from…

music for advanced student

5 Music Collections Every Advanced Student Needs

As a violin student goes from cute-for-playing-for-neighbors-and-relatives to serious advanced student, the music he or she needs increases.  Below, I give you the five absolutely essential sheet music collections that every serious violin student needs.  There are no elite violinists in the world that haven’t studied these works or learned these etudes.  If you want…

Classical Music

Arranging Music for Any Ensemble

With the advent of music editing software like Sibelius or Finale, I have had a renewed interest in composing over the last 10-15 years.  Composing is more of a hobby for me, but arranging music has become more than that.  I have started making serious money by arranging different music for different ensembles and now…