porg last jedi

The Last Jedi – Review – Spoilers Below

Greetings, my intrepid readers.  I’m taking a moment away from interesting violin-related drivel to bring you my review of Star Wars-The Last Jedi, which I have now seen twice.  Yes, I liked it.  Not all of it, but if you want a TL;DR version, I liked it the first time,…

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The Oscars

5 Actors Who Deserve an Oscar But Don’t Have One

Oscar season is upon us, and that means talking about films and actors.  This post is certainly off-topic for my site, but I am quite a movie buff so I enjoy talking (writing) about films.  Every year, a bunch of actors/actresses are nominated and ultimately win Oscars.  There are several…

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Lesser Known Masterpieces of John Williams

John Williams is arguably the finest film composer who ever lived, and he is still working right now (on Star Wars ep. VIII and eventually ep. IX).  I have known his music since I was a child and spent hours listening to the 4-LP set of the original Star Wars…

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Chuck in the Bleachers

The Chicago Cubs and Me – What Do I do Now?

Greetings.  Today’s post is very off-topic for my blog, but very necessary given recent events.  I can’t believe I’m typing this.  The Chicago Cubs just won the world series. Family History After 108 years of epic futility, the Chicago Cubs have won the world series.  I’ve been a Cubs fan…

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