Arlington Hts, IL circa 1976Since the early ’90s I have taught both violin and viola and do so now in my home in Douglasville, GA (I will travel within 10 miles based on availability and schedule). I am a patient and fun instructor who enjoys making children smile while they are learning. I do have expectations, but I am not the yelling kind of teacher. I teach all ages from 5 (I prefer students to have at least some ability to read English before teaching them to read music) to, well, older than that. Students of mine will be provided with a well-rounded education including songs, etudes, scales, and music theory. I like my students to understand why the music sounds like it does. No playing-by-numbers for my people, thank you very much!

I generally teach a modified Suzuki method.  I use the books for repertoire and for motivation, but I also stress learning to read music right away.  I also have several pieces that I have written myself that encourage students to play in small groups which is very important in learning how to listen and play in an ensemble.  I am involved with the Georgia Symphony and can aid more advanced students in applying, auditioning, and eventually playing in the GSYO.

Click the “email me” link below or find me on Facebook or Twitter.  My rates are reasonable, and the education that my students receive is invaluable.