myths debunked

Myths of Classical Music Debunked (Mostly)

For those of us who make our living performing classical music, loving it is a no-brainer.  Explaining it to the uninitiated is another matter completely.  It has become increasingly more difficult for the general population to take the plunge and listen to classical music.  Personally, I think it’s because of…

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Tournament Update 1

Tournament Update – Beethoven and Stravinsky Brackets

The games are afoot, so to speak, in the Tournament of Classical Music!  Here is the first update and results post.  Now, this year I’m determining the results on my own.  In future years, with more readers, I will probably put it to a vote.  As far as this year…

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Classical Music

The Best Pieces of Classical Music in Every Key

Classical Music by Key – Introduction (and excuses in advance) In classical music (and even popular music), the key of a piece is one of the most important choices a composer makes. Every key has its own characteristics that can make a symphony great, or boring. For example, Spinal Tap…

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