How to Stay Healthy and Keep Playing

As the summer wound down this year, I had a really hard time staying healthy.  I had the stomach flu at the beginning of August, followed by a cold later that month.  Then came the stomach flu again (this time without the fever and chills) in September.  Had I been…

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The Care and Feeding of your Violin Teacher

Choosing a violin teacher is an important process in finding the perfect match for your abilities.  A good teacher will work with what you have, not engage in a futile attempt to get you to do something uncomfortable.  A good teacher will be patient most of the time, but tough…


The Wonderful World of Viola

As I have already stated, I play viola in addition to violin.  This year, I purchased my first good viola to use for gigs and teaching, and this last weekend, I performed with it for the first time. For years I have been a violinist who can't resist telling a…

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