I Practiced Only Scales for a Month and Look at the Change!

We’ve all seen the ads and “sponsored” content on the interwebs:  I only ate kale and anchovies for a month and look at the difference!  Very annoying for sure.  However, it occurred to me I could use this as a teaching tool and improve my own playing to boot.  I…

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five things for gigs

Five Things All Gigging Musicians Need

Greetings intrepid readers.  You may have noticed (or not, which is more likely) that I haven’t written any articles lately.  There are a few reasons for that, and today I’m going to focus on the main reason – lots of gigs and no time to write.  I’ve also been sick…

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Violin wants more gigs

Dos and Don’ts of Playing Gigs

Gigs come in many different forms; weddings, symphony work, corporate functions, pit orchestras, and many more.  Below are six tips that every musician should follow so he or she will not only be successful, but get hired again.  For purposes of this article, I will assume you are a freelance…

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