5 Music Collections Every Advanced Student Needs

As a violin student goes from cute-for-playing-for-neighbors-and-relatives to serious advanced student, the music he or she needs increases.  Below, I give you the five absolutely essential sheet music collections that every serious violin student needs.  There are no elite violinists in the world that haven't studied these works or learned…


Back to School Violin Supply List

It's time for the kids to go back to school which means it's time for violin lessons to get started again.  Every violin student needs certain supplies for his or her lessons.  Read on for the best back to school violin supplies updated for 2016. Instruments Every violin student needs…

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The Care and Feeding of your Violin Teacher

Choosing a violin teacher is an important process in finding the perfect match for your abilities.  A good teacher will work with what you have, not engage in a futile attempt to get you to do something uncomfortable.  A good teacher will be patient most of the time, but tough…

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