Spring bloggingGreetings again, intrepid readers.  It’s been entirely too long since I posted anything here, and for that I apologize.  Spring is normally a very busy season for us freelance musician types, and this year was even more packed for me.  I have some preliminary plans in place for some new and exciting content which will appear this summer.  Read on for more!

Blog, Blog, Blog

First off, I plan on adding more written content, starting very soon.  My busy spring concert season effectively comes to a close after this evening’s performance, so I’ll have more time for writing.  I have ideas for a handful of new blog entries, but until now I haven’t had time to actually write them.

Additionally, I’ll be updating the site as a whole but changing the theme, updating pages, and adding some new plugins (more on that shortly).  I want the site to continue to look and feel professional, but I would also like more engagement with readers and more media like sound and video.  Stay tuned!

The Return of the….Podcast Microphone

Podcast!  I’m preparing a new podcast launch with the preliminary title of How 2 Orchestra (or H2O because I’m that clever).  My first attempt at a podcast (Performing in Georgia) just didn’t work out.  I couldn’t keep up with the publishing schedule, and I ran out of decent content.  Honestly, I launched it before I was ready (or experienced enough to speak with authority).

H2O will be a podcast that deals with how to be a successful symphony musician.  It will provide informative and fun content for all levels from first-time orchestra players to seasoned professionals.  Everything from auditioning, where to sit, how to practice, etiquette, and many other topics will be discussed.  Additionally, there will be interviews with local musicians (now that I know a bunch of them), that will give any orchestra player more than enough information to be successful at any level.

I expect the podcast to launch early this summer.  This spring, I’ve been writing episodes, securing hosting, and now updating this website.  Also, I’ll be using the PowerPress plug-in so you can listen to my shows from this site if you like.  See you soon!

Other Spring Cleaning

Lastly, I’m in the early planning stages on some personal house cleaning.  I’m going to be taking some meetings this summer with some terrific local musicians to eventually get back in school and finish my Master’s degree.  I will be studying conducting, something I truly love, and have a strong passion for.  And, not for nothing, I’m pretty @!#$! good at it.

This move will open up some job opportunities that were otherwise closed due to my lack of a post graduate degree.  I’m also looking to financially stabilizing my family as my wife and I are aging at an alarming rate!  Seriously, I’m starting to have some anxiety over my twilight years so with this plan, I can earn enough money to keep us all comfortable as we get older and the kids are gone.

Thanks for reading everyone.  I can’t wait until all these plans come to fruition.  As always, I’m open to suggestions and love interacting with readers here.  Find me on Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube for even more musical tomfoolery.





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