Since the early ’90s I have taught both violin and viola and do so now in my home in Douglasville, GA (I will travel within 10 miles based on availability and schedule). I am a patient and fun instructor who enjoys making children smile while they are learning. I do have expectations, but I am not the yelling kind of teacher. I teach all ages from 5 (I prefer students to have at least some ability to read English before teaching them to read music) to, well, older than that. Students of mine will be provided with a well-rounded education including songs, etudes, scales, and music theory. I like my students to understand why the music sounds like it does. No playing-by-numbers for my people, thank you very much!


For most students, I teach a modified Suzuki method. That means I use the books for repertoire (at least for a while), but I don’t do the group lessons nor do I insist students buy the CDs. An example would be; I have a beginner student who is half-way through book one. We took a break in the fall to learn Jingle Bells so he could play it for his family at Christmas. Right now, we’re working on Happy Birthday.
I often use my own arrangements or even original compositions and exercises. I have distinct opinions on how students should learn. I am also flexible. What works for one student may not work for another. All in all, I want students to enjoy learning music, but I tell them that in order to get better, they have to practice at home. For more info on my performance career, go HERE.
Chuck G Violin

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