So, not only am I a world class violinist and in-demand private teacher, but I also design and sell stuff through a print-on-demand company called Zazzle.  I design lots of gifts, clothes, and other fun merchandise and get a small commission when people buy them.  Zazzle takes care of the production and website, and I upload the images and make the products with their online design tool.  It’s a pretty cool deal and real money can be made depending on how much effort you want to put into it.


The name of my store is Chords and Strings and I have about 200 different products using graphic designs and funny slogans that I created.  I don’t spend nearly as much time designing as I should, but when I have put in some serious time, I have definitely seen an uptick in sales.  You see, not only do you have to be a good designer, you also have to be a great online marketer and have a great niche store.  When I have buckled down and done some marketing over the course of a few weeks, I always see some sales out of it.


Tristan Chord Men's T-Shirt
Tristan Chord Men’s T-Shirt by ChordsAndStrings
Find more Classical T-Shirts at Zazzle


So if you like what you see, hop by my store and check out some of the products there.  I do mostly music-related gifts (duh) but I also do a lot of travel items like postcards (my best sellers), posters, and magnets.

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