With the world on fire, teachers have to be creative in order to help students learn. The internet is a terrific way to impart knowledge to willing students. That said, I have two ways I provide online learning of the violin. For more information on how I teach you can go here.

Online Classes

I am currently developing several online courses through both Udemy and Skillshare. These classes feature several on-demand videos to help your online learning. My courses always center around specific aspects of violin technique. I don’t necessarily teach you how to play this or that piece of music. I teach you how to be prepared to learn music with your existing teacher with a stronger fundamental technique. Here are the classes available online:
  • 5 Power Moves for Better Violin Technique – Udemy – This class features 5 areas of technique that are vital to any student looking to learn the violin at a high level.

  • The First 2 Things Every Violin Student Should Learn (coming soon) – Skillshare – This class will give students instruction on two fundamental aspects of violin technique.

  • The Care and Feeding of Your Violin (in production) – Udemy and Skillshare – Here you will learn how to take care of your violin from daily care to changing strings.

Live Online Learning

Starting this summer (Aug 1), I will be teaching private lessons online. I am using both Skype and Google Duo.
Chuck G Violin

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