The Kids on the Water SlideGood day all!

First, let me take this opportunity to thank everyone who has visited my site as it begins to take form.  I appreciate any input or suggestions you may have, and as always, don’t be mean or I may cry.  As the rest of you are no doubt enjoying your summer vacation, I am working on making this site fully functional.


You may have noticed a few different graphics on the different pages within the site.  These are (gasp) ads.  As any God-fearing American, I enjoy money.  If I can squeeze some money out of my website with a few strategically placed ads, I will absolutely do it.

Now, I’m not requesting that you click all the links and buy all that stuff.  That would be a major faux pas as well as against the TOS of all my ad providers.  I do humbly request that you turn off Ad-Block if you have it, and if something strikes your fancy, use your constitutionally guaranteed rights to click or not.  I have tried to make sure there are not ads cluttering up the pages and as of now, there are no pop-ups.

Content Update

New content is being added at least twice a week.  I am working on recording the first few episodes of my podcast Performing in Georgia which will have companion blog posts for each episode.  If you have any suggestions on blog subject matter or podcast topics, please let me know and if appropriate, I will be happy to do a show or blog post on it.  I’ll even give you partial credit – not the kind where you get half a question right on an exam.  My kind is better!

I’ll be doing a few instructional posts over the summer as most of the performing organizations in town and across the state are on break for the summer.  Most orchestras are on vacation at the same time as the schools, but I’m still teaching as well as playing for lots of weddings and events, but the organized stuff like the GSO or other orchestra gigs are usually off until September.  I am holding off on a few of the new posts until I can record the corresponding podcast, but there will be new content added here regularly.

As always, you can contact me via email, facebook, or twitter.  Be nice and try not to use potty mouth.  Here’s to a fun and fruitful summer vacation!



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